Next up: 10 Abreast 777 Economy with EVA – Plane Horrible or Hell?

I hope everyone is having a great week! I will be flying to Singapore tomorrow morning to attend a Model United Nations conference on behalf of my school.

While I’m very excited for the trip, I am most looking forward to the flights, as any aviation enthusiast would. Unfortunately, our school’s travel agent has made a miserable choice of booking us in EVA Air’s 10 abreast Economy Class on their 777’s for the 5-hour flight. While certainly not as bad as a 12-hour transpacific flight, I’m bracing myself for what I predict is not going to be a pleasant flight.

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Review: The Westin Sydney

Since we’d booked a Cathay Holidays package for our trip, our ticket included a four-night stay at The Westin Sydney. The Westin Sydney was right by Sydney’s central business district, and it looked pretty modern, so all else being equal we decided to go for it for our four-night stay. Our flights to Sydney in Cathay Pacific business class were retailing for HK$24,300 per person, so the overall cost breakdown from the package brought the hotel price to around ~HK$2,500 per night. The hotel was retailing our room type for ~HK$2,700 per night, though I’m not sure if Starwood was doing their fourth-night free promotion at the time – if they were, that would’ve saved us quite a bit of money, though the promotion never crossed my mind at the time of booking.

The Westin Sydney is a category 5 hotel, so an SPG redemption would cost 12,000 points. In this case we weren’t staying in an entry level room (though the biggest difference was probably the floor we were staying on). An entry level room cost ~HK$2,100 for our dates, so paying cash would’ve been a marginally better deal.

The Westin Sydney is integrated into the No. 1 Martin Place complex, so the general impression of the hotel’s exterior is the classic, dainty building that No. 1 Martin Place is. That’s where most of the public areas of the hotel are housed, though the real hotel is in a more corporate-looking, though still nice building located behind the complex.

The hotel is located right at the intersection of Pitt Street and Martin Place – two huge streets if you’re looking to shop or eat. There’s also a side entrance by George Street, another huge shopping street. It’s a couple of minutes from the Martin Place subway station, and a 10-minute walk from Circular Quay, so location-wise this hotel gets full marks.

The Westin Sydney Exterior

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Which Cathay Pacific Flights Need The A350 Most?

I’m writing this post between Sydney and Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific’s 777 as the return segment of my week in New South Wales. My family sometimes travels with family friends, and honestly, as an extrovert, that’s mentally exhausting for me. All the children traveling with us are around half my age, and my parents and their friends are around triple my age, which doesn’t bode well for me when with family. On the plus side, my parents were kind enough to let me have my own time in Sydney, which I’ve grown to really like, so I’m grateful for that and enjoyed my time there for the most part.

Sydney, Australia

At the same time I haven’t had the time and energy to (sanely) catch up with my friends back in Hong Kong, or finish anywhere near the amount of work I was expecting to get done, for that matter.

On that note I rather excitedly boarded this Cathay Pacific flight home. I’ve already reviewed my outbound segment and really enjoyed my flight, though knew that since this was a daytime flight, I’d probably end up feeling a little differently.

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Review: Cathay Pacific A350 Business Class Hong Kong to Newark

In January, I flew from Hong Kong to Newark in Cathay Pacific’s A350 product in Business Class. Alvin has previously extensively reviewed the A350’s Business Class seat, so check out his post if you’re looking for a deep dive into the hard product. Also, since I flew this in early January, service procedures could have been moderated in the meantime.

After arriving at the airport, I headed straight for Cathay Pacific’s dedicated U.S check-in area, where I was given a short and quick interview by friendly security officers. I then cleared security and made a beeline for The Cabin, and grabbed a quick bite to eat before heading to my gate.

img_2126Cathay Pacific The Cabin Hong Kong Bar 

I went to my gate shortly after the published boarding time, which was a really bad decision. The gate area was a clusterf**k, with no clearly marked lines and tons of people everywhere. I found the priority line buried near the podium, which was thankfully empty. There was one last security interview before passengers were herded down the jetbridge for a final bag check where liquids over 100mL were confiscated.

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Is This The Best Gym I’ve Been To At A Hotel?

Greetings from Sydney! I’m midway through a stay at a chain hotel in Sydney, and it’s quite nice, despite being ever so slightly on the dated side. I’m also a fan of Sydney as a whole – it’s becoming a city I really like and can connect with, despite being rather exhausting (the pace here’s a little too quick even for me!).

I’m a frequent user of hotel gyms, though this was a first for me. I’m not sure if I like this or not, so I thought I’d share my thoughts real quick.

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Review: EVA Air 777 Premium Economy Taipei to Los Angeles

Hey there, and welcome to my first full flight review! I stayed in California for about 5 weeks last summer. As a result, I had the opportunity to experience EVA Air’s Boeing 777-300ER Elite Class (Premium Economy) on flights between Taipei and Los Angeles.

EVA Air Boeing 777 Taipei Airport

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Review: Cathay Pacific 777 Business Class Hong Kong to Sydney

As my workload continues to pile up, I’ll write this upcoming trip report as the trip goes. Not only am I reducing my work pileup, but I’m also bringing ultra-fresh reviews, which I think gives value as a review of Cathay Pacific’s 777 business class from me is long overdue.

I’ve long been wanting to take this flight, simply so I can see how Cathay Pacific’s business class has changed. The last time I flew them longhaul was in 2015, and in the meantime I’ve only flown them shorthaul in business class a few times in 2016. Jason’s also flown Cathay Pacific in business class between Hong Kong and Newark in the meantime, though having flown a few other great business class products, I was curious to see how they’d stack up against some of their newer competition.

With that in mind, I paid quick visits to The Bridge and The Pier, two great oneworld lounges at Hong Kong Airport. At around 11:05 PM I headed to gate 36, right across from The Bridge, where our flight was departing, given that boarding was scheduled for 11:15 PM. I was excited to find out that our aircraft was less than three years old, as I’d learned in the meantime that some of their older 777s are experiencing substantial wear and tear.

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 Hong Kong Airport

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Cathay Pacific 777 Business Class: Perfectly Simple, Simply Perfect

Hello from Sydney! I’m fresh off a flight in Cathay Pacific 777 business class from Hong Kong to Sydney. It’s been years since I’ve flown Cathay Pacific business class longhaul, and despite knowing that they’ve been going on somewhat of a cost-cutting trajectory, I had high hopes for the experience. After the flight, I’m happy to say that Cathay Pacific still offers a pretty good longhaul product. While the product they offer is pretty no-frills, they’re able to execute the basics perfectly, so I came off this flight with pretty positive impressions.

My flight was operated by a 777-300ER without first class, and I’d assigned my family seats along the left side of the plane, as is our new preference when assigning seats in reverse herringbone business class as a family.

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 Business Class Cabin

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Here’s What Cathay Pacific’s Customers Want The Most

Today I was sent a Cathay Pacific Insights survey that asked me a few questions about Cathay Pacific’s brand proposition. It asked me a few questions about Cathay Pacific’s own brand, before linking me to a few car brands and asking what I thought of them.

At the end of the survey, I was asked what elements of the experience Cathay Pacific should offer brand partnerships with in order to further improve their own brand. After I inputted my personal top three choices, the survey showed the results of what people ended up choosing for that question, which I found very interesting. I’m bummed that I didn’t screenshot the bar graph provided – it would’ve been really interesting to analyse – but I’m glad I took note of the top three elements that Cathay Pacific’s consumers wanted the airline to have partnerships with, which I want to share in this post.

Cathay Pacific Airbus A350 Hong Kong Airport

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Next Up: Cathay Pacific 777 Business Class

2018 and 2019 will be less crazy travel years for me, as my workload peaks and I have to start worrying about university. That said, university opens up another new can of worms set of opportunities for me to fly, so in 2019 you can expect a multitude of reviews featuring different products.

My parents are excited to visit Australia again, and to our surprise the cheapest options we found were on Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines. While Singapore Airlines was obviously where my vote went, unfortunately the times didn’t match up against our schedule (since we wanted to be out of Hong Kong by the end of the first day of the Lunar New Year), so I went with Cathay Pacific. After all, while I certainly don’t mind a connection or two, I can’t complain about flying direct when I’m with my parents.

img_5635Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER Hong Kong Airport

So you’d think that Cathay Pacific’s business class has been overreviewed on a travel blog based in Hong Kong, but I’m honestly stoked to review Cathay Pacific’s business class, for multiple reasons.

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