Introduction: I’m Kunming To Yunnan

Introduction: I’m Kunming To Yunnan
China Southern A320 Economy Class Shenzhen to Kunming
China Southern A320 Economy Class Kunming to Lijiang
China Southern A320 Economy Class Lijiang to Shenzhen
5 Memories Of My Hike In Yunnan

While it’s gratifying that 2017 is finally ending, my backlog of work extends that of this travel blog. It’s mid-December, and I aim to write my flight reports no more than two months after I take the flight. I flew to Yunnan for hiking in mid-October, so I’ll try to review my flights in China Southern economy first, and I’ll provide details about the actual hiking experience to anyone particularly interested (the hike had spectacular views, so I’ll touch on that after I write about my flights).

To develop ourselves along the IB’s Creativity, Action, Service programme, a rather large selection of experiences are opened up to us by our school every year to further ourselves (I find this approach to travel self-aggrandising, though who am I, out of all people, to complain about selfishness during travel?). Two years ago I had the opportunity to teach in Myanmar, and last year I had the opportunity to spend some time in Fujian learning about local culture.

This year I elected to participate in a three-day hike in Yunnan, China.

View Out Of Naxi Family Guesthouse, Shangri-La

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Flying The World’s Tightest A330 On Cebu Pacific

Greetings from Hong Kong, where I’ll be staying until February! I was hurled right back into a load of schoolwork once I got back from the Philippines, so coverage has been sparse on the blog lately. I’m not off the hook yet, but thankfully some of my biggest tasks have already been completed, so content will start to roll out in a while.

Sunday was a busy travel day, consisting of a two-hour bus ride, a two-hour boat ride, another two-hour bus ride and a two-hour plane ride. This was enough time for me to get ready for a few exams that I had on the way back (don’t worry, those are over now).

One of the most exciting things for me on the aviation front was the ability to try out Cebu Pacific’s new(ish) A330, which features a 3-3-3 configuration in economy class. This is even narrower than a 3-4-3 configuration on a 777, where each seat is just short of 17 inches wide. While I’ll have a full review on the flight as such, I wanted to share my first impressions of the seats in general.

Cebu Pacific Airbus A330 Manila Airport

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Trivia On A Plane! Cebu Pacific A320 Economy Class In 7 Pictures

This morning I had the privilege of flying Cebu Pacific from Hong Kong to Manila. I’m in Pinamalayan, the Philippines for a building project, and Cathay Pacific apparently didn’t have the seats to cover our entire group. At the end it just made the most sense to pick Cebu Pacific, due to the better timing and the price difference between Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines. We were booked on an A320 on the outbound leg, and our return leg on Sunday will be on an A330.

Well, how did I make of it? Believe it or not, I enjoyed my flight, and wouldn’t hesitate to take Cebu Pacific again.

Cebu Pacific Airbus A320 Hong Kong Airport

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My Thoughts On Singapore Airlines’ Leaked A380 Suites Class

In commercial aviation today, the most anticipated product unveilings are Singapore Airlines’ new A380 products, and Emirates’ new A380 products. Singapore Airlines plans to unveil their new A380 products tomorrow, and Emirates will do so for their products at the Dubai Air Show next Sunday, November 12th.

Singapore Airlines currently has a product on the A380 that is incredible, though not perfect. They set the industry standard when introducing their Suites in 2006, but the novelty of the product has faded as more airlines introduced their first class products on the A380 in the meantime.

Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 Suites Class

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Always Keep Your Luggage Tags With You When Traveling Domestically Within China

I noticed something very interesting when traveling domestically within China over the past week. Yesterday I got home after flying from Shenzhen to Kunming to Lijiang to Shenzhen, and got to visit a few stunning airport terminals. However, that’s not the point of this post.

Shenzhen Airport Departures Terminal

Last Saturday evening I flew on China Southern’s A320 from Shenzhen to Kunming to Lijiang, and checked in a piece of luggage. It was a pleasant flight, and my luggage made it to the baggage carousel in Lijiang.

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Cathay Pacific Suspends In-Town Check-in For Flights To The U.S.

I’m in China right now, a country that holds some of the most asinine policies that make travel way more complicated than it should be, at least in my opinion. I’ve never been to the U.S., but I know that some of their policies are pretty nonsensical too – just half a year ago they decided to implement an electronics ban from 10 countries including Qatar and the UAE, blaming “security issues” when they were pretty blatantly just trying to put U.S. airlines back ahead of the Gulf carriers.

Well, here’s another one. Beginning on October 26th, 2017, Cathay Pacific passengers flying from Hong Kong to the U.S. will not be eligible for in-town check-in at Airport Express stations anymore.

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER Hong Kong Airport

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China Southern A320 Economy Class In 10 Pictures

This morning I had the chance to fly from Shenzhen to Kunming to Lijiang in China Southern’s A320 economy class. While I’ve flown a similar route before (Hong Kong to Kunming to Lijiang on China Eastern), it was my first time flying China Southern, which I’d been looking forward to for quite some time.

33331296_UnknownChina Southern Airbus A320 Lijiang Airport

The airline intrigued me in different ways as I expected, but I’m left confused over my verdict. Here are my first impressions.

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Qatar Airways Will Operate The A350 To Hong Kong For A Limited Time

Update: Qatar Airways is offering A350s on both frequencies from December 16 to 31, 2017. I hope that’s good news for some of you!

Qatar Airways has operated the 787 to Hong Kong for quite a while. A long time ago they were a pretty unappealing product offering angled-flat seats on their A330 on the 8-hour flight from Hong Kong to Doha, though they upped their game when they switched their 787 onto the Hong Kong to Doha route.

Well, good news for a selection of passengers that are booked on Qatar Airways from Hong Kong to Doha in the near future. From December 2nd, 2017 to January 31st, 2018, Qatar Airways will offer an A350 on one of two daily flights operating between Doha and Hong Kong.

Qatar Airways Airbus A350-900 Doha Airport

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Cathay Dragon Will Stop Service To Kota Kinabalu

Well, this is pretty sad to hear, as I remember flying from Hong Kong to Kota Kinabalu on what was once Dragonair. The Cathay Pacific Group announced last August that they would be opening three European ports, closing a European port, closing a port in Southeast Asia, and closing a port in China. The three European ports were quickly revealed to be Brussels, Copenhagen and Dublin, and the closing European port was revealed to be Dusseldorf. Well, it looks like I was wrong on my prediction on which Southeast Asian port I would be closing, as I initially guessed that Cathay Pacific would be ending service to Denpasar (and handing it off to Cathay Dragon).

Cathay Dragon Airbus A330 Hong Kong Airport

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American Airlines 777 Catches Fire At Hong Kong Airport

Well, I’m thankful that this ended the way it did. Yesterday afternoon an American Airlines 777-300ER caught fire while loading cargo at Hong Kong Airport. This aircraft was slated to operate American Airlines’ flight from Hong Kong to Los Angeles, and was loading cargo when passengers waiting to board at gate 42 saw the blaze on their 777-300ER.

The aircraft that was involved was aircraft N727AN, a three-year-old 777 that had just flown in from Los Angeles the day prior.

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