Cathay Dragon Will Operate One-Off Flight To Guam

Cathay Pacific has been expanding their route map nicely these days, and has proceeded to make nice additions to their route map. In the past month Cathay Pacific has announced that they would start direct flights to Brussels, Copenhagen and Dublin, and decided to cut flights to Dusseldorf from their system. All of these routes are commitments that Cathay Pacific plans to operate on a few-times weekly basis.

Cathay Pacific’s next announcement is slightly different, however. Cathay Dragon has announced that they will operate a one-time flight from Hong Kong to Guam, departing Hong Kong on November 19, 2017 and departing Guam on November 23, 2017.

Cathay Dragon Airbus A330-300 Hong Kong Airport

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It’s Official: Cathay Pacific’s European Port Cut Signals Partner Airline’s Demise

Cathay Pacific announced three new destinations earlier this year, namely Brussels, Copenhagen and Dublin. Cathay Pacific operates the A350, an aircraft that has allowed the airline to operate myriad routes with slightly less demand, as they’re lower capacity, are more fuel efficient, and operate longer routes.

Cathay Pacific Airbus A350-900 Hong Kong Airport

While these are great additions, sometimes routes don’t work as well for Cathay Pacific. Cathay Pacific announced that they would be closing one port in China, one port in Southeast Asia, and one port in Europe. I put my guesses down as Beijing, Ho Chi Minh and Dusseldorf initially, though changed my Southeast Asia guess to Denpasar.

Well, we now know which European port Cathay Pacific will stop service to.

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Thoughts On Visiting Lindau, Germany

Last month I was able to visit three destinations in Germany that I had never visited before. This included the island of Lindau, the major tourist site Berchtesgaden and the huge city of Munich. I enjoyed visiting all three destinations, and published my main trip report detailing the flights I flew and hotels I stayed at to complete this trip, so hopefully you guys find these reviews useful in the future. However, I figured I’d be doing you guys a disservice without actually reporting back on my thoughts regarding the destinations themselves.

I’m in no position to compile a full guide on things you can do when you’re touring these areas, so in no way am I attempting to do so. Instead, I’d just like to share some of the highlights that I had when visiting these destinations.

Lindau, Germany

Originally we were just planning to visit Berchtesgaden and Munich, since these were two places that I’ve heard good things about and was very intrigued in. However, our friends at Bucher Travel Services highly recommended visiting Lindau, so we were happy to add that to our schedule.

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Qatar Airways Swaps 777 On Hong Kong Routes For October

Qatar Airways currently offers Boeing 787s on their Hong Kong to Doha route, which feature a great hard product in business class, and one of the better economy class products that a 787 has (apart from Japan Airlines, all operators of the 787 feature nine-abreast seats in economy class, and Qatar Airways seems to have one of the better economy class seats out there as far as a nine-abreast 787 configuration goes.

Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8 Business Class

No, it isn’t Qatar Airways’ best aircraft – the A380 features a bar for business class passengers, and their A350 features a wider cabin (and thus more spacious seats, as their cabins are laid out the same way). However, it’s still a great way to fly between Hong Kong and Doha, at least in business class (I haven’t flown them in economy before, so I can’t speak for that).

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Virgin Atlantic Become First European Airline To Offer WiFi Across Entire Fleet

Virgin Atlantic has a rather interesting routemap consisting of exclusively longhaul flights. This is only feasible because of the Virgin Group’s interesting cost structure, which also holds Virgin Australia, as well as many other lifestyle companies. Thankfully, Virgin Atlantic’s multi-natured company allows it to have a rather stable cost structure, so they aren’t cost-cutting as much of some other airlines out there are.

Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9 London Heathrow Airport

I’ve flown Virgin Atlantic between Hong Kong and London several times, and I’ve reviewed their Clubhouse at London Heathrow, which I believe is one of the best business class airport lounges in the world. The Virgin group’s brand identity gives Virgin Atlantic a very unique branding standpoint, which is visible, as their “fun” vibe is tangible on their flights every time.

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Hong Kong Airlines’ New Expansion Plans: New Destinations, New Lounges And More!

Last month Hong Kong Airlines took delivery of their first A350, which is currently sitting on the ground at Hong Kong Airport. Hong Kong Airlines is singlehandedly the airline I haven’t flown that I most want to fly – they feature a business class product that I’m really intrigued in, they’re growing substantially, and they’re also starting to launch routes with their A350, which will be the core of the airline’s expansion in the next few years. While I have flights on Hong Kong Airlines in the future, they won’t be in Hong Kong Airlines’ flagship business class product (unless there’s an equipment swap), so I’m still aspiring to book myself on one of Hong Kong Airlines’ flagship business class planes.

Hong Kong Airlines Airbus A330-300 Hong Kong Airport

Hong Kong Airlines has always had reasonable fares, aside from their new Hong Kong to Los Angeles route, which is pricing at the market average of HK$35,000 (you’d figure they wouldn’t charge so much, since Cathay Pacific and American Airlines have long established themselves, and both charge around the same amount).

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Confirmed: Cathay Pacific Will Operate To These New European Ports

Earlier this week Cathay Pacific announced that they were going to be operating to three new destinations, and this sparked a guessing game as to where the destinations were. While there was speculation as to which ports Cathay Pacific would be closing or handing off, the ports that Cathay Pacific would be opening were fairly obvious, especially with hints provided by a CX Secrets memo.

Turns out that all my guesses were right, and Cathay Pacific is in fact, as of 2018, launching direct flights to Brussels, Copenhagen and Dublin. These are three routes that are currently not operated by any other airline, so Cathay Pacific will monopolise the direct-flight market on these routes.

I was rather excited about these destinations, and reasoned them in my last post, so won’t do so again. Feel free to check out that post for the presumed logic behind Cathay Pacific opening markets to these destinations.

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Cathay Pacific Might Hand Off Their Denpasar Route To Cathay Dragon

Yesterday I shared a few rumoured routes from CX Secrets that Cathay Pacific could have been planning to launch to Europe. Shortly after I shared these rumours, they were shared by One Mile At A Time, which elicited some comments that I found interesting.

Cathay Pacific is putting their A350 to good use on some of these newer routes

Some of the best comments consisted of people trying to guess which longhaul destinations they’d fly to based on the CX Secrets memo alone. Some people were making logical guesses, such as Budapest and Belgrade, some were more interesting (Casablanca and Dallas wouldn’t make too much sense, though I do see where people are going based on what they think will produce the highest yields), and some were just funny (as much as I know some people would like to see Portland in Cathay Pacific’s network, Portland doesn’t start with B, C or D).

However, I did see one recurring comment based on where people thought Cathay Pacific was closing their Southeast Asian port. After a little bit of thought, I think this might as well be the case – rumour is that Cathay Pacific may be handing off their Denpasar route to Cathay Dragon.

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RUMOUR: New Cathay Pacific Routes To Europe

August 31, 2017: Cathay Pacific will in fact launch routes to Brussels, Copenhagen and Dublin.

While Cathay Pacific had a rather big loss in the first half of 2017, they’ve been working to improve their route map, which they’ve largely been able to do upon the introduction of their new A350 aircraft. Over the past while, Cathay Pacific introduced a new route to Tel Aviv, increased their frequencies to Manchester and Boston and launched some of their newer European routes, including Madrid, Dusseldorf, Barcelona (seasonally) and London Gatwick.

Cathay Pacific’s A350s have allowed them to operate longer, lower-capacity routes

Well, Cathay Pacific has announced further plans to announce their route network. They haven’t announced their routes yet, but based on information retrieved from CX Secrets and their “teaser” post on Facebook, I think that we can infer some of the routes that Cathay Pacific will be starting.

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Review: Qatar Airways 787 Business Class Doha to Hong Kong

Introduction: 20,000+ Kilometers In Three Days
Virgin Atlantic 787 Premium Economy Hong Kong to London Heathrow
How Is It Like Staying At An Imperial College Dormitory?
Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse London Heathrow Airport
Virgin Atlantic 787 Premium Economy London Heathrow to Hong Kong
Qatar Airways 787 Business Class Hong Kong to Doha
Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Lounge Doha Airport
Qatar Airways A350 Business Class Doha to Munich
Hotel Bayerischer Hof Lindau
Hotel Kempinski Berchtesgaden
Mandarin Oriental Munich
British Airways Galleries Lounge Munich Airport
Qatar Airways A350 Business Class Munich to Doha
Al Maha Lounge Doha Airport
Qatar Airways 787 Business Class Doha to Hong Kong

After my short visit to the Al Maha lounge, I made my way back to the Al Mourjan lounge to catch up on a couple of emails and a bit of work. I initially wanted to shower, though as I outlined in my review of the Al Mourjan lounge, I was only able to reserve a shower 30 minutes after I approached the shower attendant. Fortunately the shower was great once I received the shower room, though my stay at the lounge was otherwise uneventful. For more on the lounge, check out the review of the lounge that I wrote when detailing my outbound experience.

Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Lounge Doha

Eventually it was time to leave the lounge and head to the gate, which I decided to do so early in hopes of being first onboard for better cabin pictures.

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