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Lufthansa Z Business Class
Lounge Frankfurt

I had the opportunity to visit Lufthansa’s flagship lounge at Frankfurt Airport in February 2017. I wanted to see if the lounge could live up to the 10 features I seek in an airline lounge. How many of them did Lufthansa hit?
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Lufthansa A Business Class
Lounge Frankfurtimg_5393

When transiting in Frankfurt Airport, I came across Lufthansa’s regional Schengen business class lounge, which I decided to check out. Does the lounge measure up anywhere close to any of the world’s best lounges?
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Swiss Business Class Lounge

Swiss features quite a few business class lounges in Zurich, which I had just visited. How well did Swiss’ Geneva lounge measure up to their Zurich lounges, especially with the lounge in Dock E, one of my favourites?
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Swiss Business Class Lounge
Zurich Terminal A

While I had visited the Swiss Senator lounge at Terminal A, I had neglected to visit the Business Class lounge during my last visit. Is the Swiss business class lounge at Zurich Airport Terminal A worth the visit?
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Cathay Pacific The Wing First
Class Lounge Hong Kong


Due to my status at Cathay Pacific, I decided to choose Cathay Pacific’s business class for my flight home to Mumbai, which involved a visit to an adjacent first class lounge. What did Cathay Pacific’s The Wing offer and how would I like it?
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Cathay Pacific The Pier Business
Class Lounge Hong Kong


A June 2016 Cathay Pacific business class flight to Taipei gave me the opportunity to try out Cathay Pacific’s The Pier business class lounge located near gate 65 at Hong Kong Airport. It’s known as one of the world’s best business class lounges, and I can’t help but agree.
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Swiss Business Class Lounge
Zurich Dock E

I was excited for the opportunity to visit Swiss’ Panorama business class lounge in Zurich. The lounge is new and fresh, but most importantly, it features great food, great showers, and a terrace overlooking the runway. Given it was July 2016 and the weather was great, I would have a hard time not enjoying the experience.
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Japan Airlines Sakura
Lounge Osaka

I’m a sucker for lounges with great designs, so new lounges constantly interest me. The Japan Airlines lounge in Osaka was recently renovated before my Cathay Pacific flight in March 2016, so I decided to take the time to check it out. Did I like the lounge as much as I’d hoped?
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