A Guide to Korean Air’s (Older) International Business Class

Over the years, Korean Air’s reputation has risen quite a bit. I’ve had the pleasure of flying Korean Air on shorthaul and longhaul flights, though haven’t had a chance to sample their newest cabin product. Nevertheless, I feel like it’s safe to say that Korean Air is a fine choice – unless you can score their newest 777-300ER or 747-8 business class product, which seems top notch, I don’t think they have one of the world’s best hard products, and some of their amenities could be lacking, though I do enjoy all of my flights on them.

Korean Air Airbus A330-300 Hong Kong Airport

I decided I’d quickly throw together a guide on Korean Air’s business class, as there’s no denying that the popularity of the product is increasing.

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Cathay Pacific Has Started Rolling Out Dine On Demand In Business Class

Cathay Pacific has long had a fine business class product, where their hard product has been industry leading. Unfortunately neither Jason or I had great things to say about Cathay Pacific’s catering – while we both thought it was fine (as the food is usually good), none of us thought that Cathay Pacific was anywhere close to an award-winning soft product. That’s fine for most people, as everyone just goes to sleep, but their prices are usually astronomical, which heightens our expectations.

IMG_6137.jpgCathay Pacific Business Class Dining

I guess this is recognised, because Cathay Pacific has officially started trialling dine-on-demand on flights from Hong Kong to London Gatwick and Chicago.

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The 10 Travel Destinations I Can’t Wait To Return To

While I’ve always been obsessed with flying, I’ve also found myself more engaged during travel. It’s not that I’ve never liked visiting cities, but I tend to travel with my parents, who have a much different travel philosophy than I do. My parents are all about tourist spots, views, and attractions that they’re known for.

People going to Taipei never miss out on a trip to Shifen

Meanwhile, I’m more of a person that kind of “feels” my way around the city. I feel like a better way to experience local culture is to actually hang out in areas where locals live. Sure, sometimes my understanding is infinitely shallow to start with, as I don’t actually do much research before I immerse myself into a destination. My recent trip to Singapore was the first time I had time to myself to walk around and capture the city’s vibe, which may have contributed to why it’s my favourite city.

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Cheap Deal Alert: Cathay Pacific Business Class From Hong Kong to Shanghai for ~HKD17000

I have to get from home to school a lot now that I board in Hightstown, so I constantly see myself trying to get onto Newark-bound flights. While United flies between Hong Kong and Newark, elite status keeps me on Cathay Pacific, and I’ve flown the Hong Kong to Newark route in all available cabin classes (I’ve reviewed the flight in business and economy, so check out my remarkably similar flight from New York JFK to Hong Kong if you want to read a review of premium economy on the route).

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER Hong Kong Airport

Being the savvy passenger I am, I decided to explore different routings to get to Newark in business class.

I went to Cathay Pacific’s website and headed to the “Book a Trip” section on their main page, and plugged in my routing, travel dates and preferred travel class.

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What Constitutes an Airline Brand? What Makes Cathay Pacific’s Brand Flawed?

It’s come to Hong Kong’s recent attention that Cathay Pacific has been losing quite a bit of money in the past while. That’s rather sad, as we all know Cathay Pacific as one of the “best” out there, due to their 5-star Skytrax rating and their constant advertising. There’s no arguing that their cabin product is great, as they provide pretty industry-leading seats across all classes.

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER Hong Kong Airport

While most tourist travelers flying economy go for either a direct routing or a really light price tag, those flying in other classes may prefer comparing between different airlines and seeing which has a better product.

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Part Of Why Cathay Pacific Is Losing Money

I’m currently planning a trip to Seoul in the Summer – and I’m deciding between flying Cathay Pacific or Korean Air. As a Cathay Pacific loyalist, my initial choice was to go with Cathay. At the end of the day, I get priority check-in, lounge access and priority boarding as a Marco Polo Silver member.

img_2543Cathay Pacific Airbus A330-300 Economy Class

Just as a point of comparison, I made dummy bookings for both Cathay and Korean Air flights – and made this (not so shocking) discovery when I booked my flights – with a late night departure from Hong Kong and an evening departure from Seoul.

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My Final Thoughts on United – How Should They Bounce Back?

A few weeks ago United dragged a passenger off an overbooked flight from Chicago to Louisville after having to accommodate crew members. I’ve talked about United’s fiasco, though I haven’t really talked about what has happened afterward. Ultimately the situation was one that has caused heads to turn both on the airline and entertainment front, as United initially handled the situation almost comically terribly.

Image result for united 777 site:hongkongairlinenews.wordpress.comUnited Boeing 777-200 Hong Kong Airport

I’d like to touch upon the event and provide a commentary on what United has done after I last gave an update. It’s pretty evident that United has had to do quite a bit of reflection after this, and other airlines have had to revise their policies as well and ensure that the same fiasco doesn’t happen to them. United hadn’t had a great reputation to start with, so this just screwed them over even further.

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Singapore Airlines 777 vs. A380 Premium Economy – Which One Is Better?

While Singapore is gradually introducing their A350 into the fleet, the backbone of their longhaul fleet currently consists of the A380 and the 777-300ER. I had the chance to fly both planes in premium economy recently, and most of Singapore’s “premium” routes allow a choice between these two planes (e.g. London, where some flights are operated by the A380 and others are operated by the 777-300ER). I’d say if you were flying in first, business or economy class, the choice is pretty clear cut.

Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 Hong Kong Airport

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Review: Singapore Airlines 777-300ER Premium Economy Singapore to Hong Kong

While I enjoyed my inbound flight on a Singapore A380 in premium economy, I was excited to have the opportunity to try the product on the 777. Singapore’s 777s feature updated cabin products in first, business and economy class, so I figured it would be a good opportunity to have a look at them as well. Furthermore, I also wanted to answer the question, “Is Singapore Airlines’ A380 premium economy better than their 777 premium economy?”

With that in mind, we arrived Singapore Changi Terminal 3 at 11 AM for our 1:05 PM flight.

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 Exterior

We walked over to line 7, which is where the Singapore Airlines Star Gold and premium economy check-in line is located. Singapore Airlines’ Terminal 3 is a stunning terminal, and we were promptly checked in. I inquired about upgrade space, though the check-in agent (nicely) replied that business class was full for the day.

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My Next Travel Goal: Finding The Best Premium Economy Product Between Hong Kong and London

While I love flying to new destinations, a place I see myself going to often is London. I am an aspiring student in the United Kingdom, I’ve been to the UK for educational purposes a few times, and most of my future aspirational university courses take place in the UK, so I’m probably going to be commuting between Hong Kong and London quite a bit in my lifetime.

While I enjoy flight reviewing and all, I do prefer having a “goal” for everything that I do. Ultimately the goal thus far has been to document all my travels and help people make the best travel choices, but that’s intrinsically a pretty broad goal. I’m also aspiring to reach KrisFlyer Gold status by the end of 2017, which is coming along well, and I’m currently ~1,500 miles short of planned travel.

In terms of what I’ve already flown between Hong Kong and London, I’ve reviewed Cathay Pacific’s business class and Virgin Atlantic’s premium economy, both of which I’ve enjoyed. In 2014 Jason also reviewed Cathay Pacific premium economy between Hong Kong and London, but I’d like to be able to revisit that route and try longhaul Cathay Pacific premium economy for myself.

DSCF9224Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9 Premium Economy

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